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Civil Appeals

You may need to consult with or hire an appellate lawyer if:

  • You recently lost at trial.
  • Your current lawyer is not experienced or comfortable with handling appeals.
  • You want to verify whether your case may be ready for appeal.
  • You are going to trial and your legal team needs an experienced appeals attorney focused exclusively on preserving issues for a later appeal.

A basic rule of appellate procedure prevents courts of appeals from considering arguments that were not first presented in the trial court. Because of this, you may want to hire Tom to handle your trial work, especially if it is likely to be appealed. Another benefit to hiring Tom for your trial work is that it may reduce the overall fee through his familiarity with the trial court record. Compare Tom’s fees with those of similarly experienced and credentialed lawyers. You may be surprised.

Much of Tom’s appellate work is referred by other lawyers. Sometimes Tom works collaboratively with the referring lawyer to set up their case in the trial court. Other times Tom may assist the referring lawyer in asking the trial court to reconsider an unfavorable ruling or in responding to an opponent’s request for reconsideration. Often, an appeal will be referred after final judgment has been entered.

Tom works with referring lawyers on a contingency basis when the referring lawyer is also working on a contingency basis. In other matters Tom charges a fixed fee or by the hour, depending on the client’s preference, the complexity of the appeal, and the nature of the client relationship.